Principle 2

User Led

Charities should make the needs and behaviours of beneficiaries and other stakeholders the starting point for everything they do digitally.

According to Ofcom, 88% of adults now have internet access at home. Building the charity’s strategy, services and functions around how beneficiaries, supporters, donors and other stakeholders use digital is vital to ensuring the organisation is fit for purpose.

3 quick actions for charities

  • Ask your service users about their tech habits - have they engaged with your service using a specific device? Why did they use that particular piece of technology?
  • Test your digital tools with your service users to identify if the tools could be improved and if there are any gaps
  • Look at an organisation who has a similar service to yours - are there any services which they deliver online? Could you do something similar (e.g. take payments online)

User led: Recommended Practice

With 88% of adults now accessing internet at home (Ofcom) listening to your users' needs is all the more important. You can use these best practice guidelines as a checklist to measure how your organisation is becoming more user led.

We have outlined the best practice based on the size of your charity. We define small charities as those with an annual income of £1 million or under, and larger charities as those which generate over £1 million of income a year.


Case study:

DataKind UK

Find out how DataKind UK is using the Code to increase their impact, work with their senior teams and take practical steps towards digital success.


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Next Principle: Culture

Charities’ values should influence the way they work, and if the environment is right it should nurture digital success.

The right culture will develop the confidence and motivation of staff and volunteers in digital, empowering them to collaborate, use data to improve decision making and be more transparent.