Principal 4


Charities’ strategies should be ambitious about how they can use digital to achieve their vision and mission.

By understanding their stakeholders’ digital needs and how to meet them in a way that is aligned to the charity’s goals, they will be able to improve their organisation’s relevance and sustainability.

3 quick actions for charities

  • Look at your vision and mission to inform your digital strategy - how can digital tools be used to address the needs of your service users and contribute to the change you want to make to society as an organisation?
  • Ask your team if a digital resource could help them to do their jobs better and think about how you can embed digital tools and skills internally?
  • Compare yourself with an organisation who is doing similar work - think about how you could use digital to help you differentiate yourself?

Best practice for charities

Charities need a clear vision, purpose and clarity for how they use digital. You can use these best practice guidelines as a checklist to measure how your organisation is progressing strategically.

We have outlined the best practice based on the size of your charity. We define small charities as those with an annual income of £1 million or under, and larger charities as those which generate over £1 million of income a year.


Case study:

TLC: Talk, Listen Change

Find out how TLC is using the Code to increase their impact, work with their senior teams and take practical steps towards digital success.


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Next Principle: Skills

Everyone who works for a charity, from trustees to volunteers, staff and partner organisations, all play a fundamental role in helping charities progress with digital.