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There are 7 key areas of digital your organisation should be thinking about to stay relevant and make impact. 

Use the following principles of the Charity Digital Code of Practice to benchmark your charity’s progress in digital, inform key decisions in each area and start making change.


Explore the 7 principles

These are the 7 key areas of digital your organisation should be thinking about to stay relevant and make impact.

Start off with the one that feels most important to you and your organisation.

Note: If any of the terms or phrases throughout this website need clarification, please see our glossary section.

1. Leadership

Digital should be part of every charity leader's skillset to help their organisation stay relevant, achieve its vision and increase its impact.

2. User Led

Charities should make the needs and behaviours of beneficiaries and other stakeholders the starting point for everything they do digitally.

3. Culture

Charities' values, behaviours and ways of working should create the right environment for digital success.

4. Strategy

Charities’ strategies should be ambitious about how they use digital to achieve their vision and mission.

This could mean investing money, but it definitely means thinking creatively about how digital can increase impact, reach and sustainability.

5. Skills

Charities should aim for digital skills to be represented at all levels of the organisation.

Digital success is dependent on the confidence, motivation and attitude of the people who run, work and volunteer for charities. Technical skills are important, but equally so are softer skills such as influencing, questioning and creativity.

6. Managing Risks and Ethics

Charities need to determine and manage any risks involved in digital.

Charities will also need to consider how some digital issues fit with organisational values. They will need to plan how digital may impact all areas of their work.

7. Adaptability

Charities will need to adapt to survive and thrive as digital changes how everyone lives and works.

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“Like any organisation, charities can learn a lot about what they do, who they serve and the impact they have, by drawing on their data."


Giselle Cory

Executive Director, DataKind UK and Code Champion

“It’s no longer good enough as a Chief Executive to say:
‘I don’t do digital’.”


James Blake

CEO, YHA (England and Wales) and Code Champion