Principle 3


Charities’ values should influence the way they work, and if the environment is right it should nurture digital success.

The right culture will develop the confidence and motivation of staff and volunteers in digital, empowering them to collaborate, use data to improve decision making and be more transparent.

3 quick actions for charities

  • Use mentoring to collaborate with each other - match a more digitally skilled staff member (mentor) with a less digitally skilled one to help share expertise across the organisation.
  • Begin using a digital tool to make meetings more effective. Mentimeter or Slido are tools that enable participation and capture the data from your discussions in a digital format.
  • Create the role of a digital champion in your organisation who can help others to become upskilled in digital.

Culture: Recommended Practice

Help your staff and volunteers to break down siloes and create momentum within your organisation. Use these best practice guidelines as a checklist to measure how your organisation's culture is progressing.

We have outlined the best practice based on the size of your charity. We define small charities as those with an annual income of £1 million or under, and larger charities as those which generate over £1 million of income a year.


Case study:

One Knowsley

Find out how One Knowsley is using the Code to increase their impact, work with their senior teams and take practical steps towards digital success.


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Next Principle: Strategy

Charities’ strategies should be ambitious about how they can use digital to achieve their vision and mission.

By understanding their stakeholders’ digital needs and how to meet them in a way that is aligned to the charity’s goals, they will be able to improve their organisation’s relevance and sustainability.