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COVID-19 checklist for charity trustees and leaders



The coronavirus crisis has created a huge challenge for the… Read more

How charities need to adapt to thrive by World Vision UK


Martin Francis Campbell, Chief Information Officer at World Vision UK,… Read more

Five ways charity leaders can encourage innovation


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A new radicalism: ushering in a 21st-century government


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What charities need to know about blockchain (and what they don’t)


Kirsty Weakley attempts to decrypt blockchain. What is it? How… Read more

Future of Donations Report for peer review


This report has been built following a roadmapping workshop held… Read more

Artificial Intelligence: the future of the charity sector


"AI has been called the defining technology of our age.… Read more

Going digital: changing the mindset in small charities


"Five years ago, Skills for Care rarely used ‘digital’ channels… Read more

How could civil society learn from startup culture?


"Would it be fair to judge an organisation solely on… Read more

The New Reality


The New Reality is a research study about how digital… Read more

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“Like any organisation, charities can learn a lot about what they do, who they serve and the impact they have, by drawing on their data."


Giselle Cory

Executive Director, DataKind UK and Code Champion

“It’s no longer good enough as a Chief Executive to say:
‘I don’t do digital’.”


James Blake

CEO, YHA (England and Wales) and Code Champion